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Chemical Information Network: acrylic factories like expansion pressure


In recent years, China's rapid expansion in acrylic industry, tends to lack of excess capacity from stage. 2011 acrylic and demand gap is the largest of the year, the beginning of the national production capacity 1.2 million tons, more than one million tons demand, product prices and industry capacity utilization both high. 2012 to 2015, planned production capacity of more than 1.8 million tons acrylic. The demand is mainly concentrated in acrylic textile, paint, leather, paper, superabsorbent other industries, growth is expected at around 10% in the next few years, the growth in consumption can not cover the rapid growth of industry capacity.
But acrylic industry overcapacity in the industry than the average for the good point is that the industry chain has a high degree of concentration. As of the end of 2012, China's top five companies accounted for 60% of total capacity or more, and the subsequent amplification of the basic scale of production capacity is 16 million tons of world-scale. From a global perspective, is also true. Oligopolistic industry structure so that enterprises in the industry can be relatively rational dealing with competition and cooperation scale, reducing the probability of occurrence brutal price war. On the other hand, acrylic acid and its esters explosive, with higher production problems, if one vendor accident, short-term supply and demand will be significantly affected. The end of September 2012, Nippon Shokubai acrylic device explosion, resulting in sudden tight global supply of acrylic acid, acrylic acid prices have crashed domestic moving from 11,500 yuan / ton rose to nearly 17,000 yuan / ton, the domestic acrylic acid as the main products Listed companies are also satellite petrochemical four-quarter net profit rose more than 30% qoq.
End of June, Shanghai a chemical enterprise acrylic spill occurred within a week, acrylic rapid rise in the price from 10,500 yuan to 11,850 yuan, the economy is good short-term trend towards significant. But with domestic overcapacity acrylic acid and esters further deepening of incidents that can lead to short-term boom acrylic attenuation will also increasingly showing trends. In fact 2012 was only acrylic boom lasted less than a quarter, lower than the prevailing market most analysts' expectations. So we brought for the accident acrylic acid and esters boom height and sustainability relatively cautious. Acrylic long-term expansion under pressure, industry and enterprise from the core outlet improve the technical level, to keep the scale effect and downstream industry chain extension.
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